Sticky Note Container

Visual Notes

1. Create a rounded rectangle using shape tool and add a text box for the tab.
external image 20100419-8e4mkynt7y1hq8w3wdkicmbmgd.jpg
2. Select the shape and the text box and select group icon to set everything together. You can make the shape translucent by moving the sun icon shown below.
external image 20100419-hkud9kqhtw7bmumxmxg2fetyd.jpg
3. Make sure you have your browser open, View --> Browsers or Command B
external image 20100419-dms5n4drr7155an3nqhjge6999.jpg
4. Select the Property Browser, you will see four options available.
external image 20100419-gpf2h89ntt4gq5sdangac4i7ur.jpg
5. Select object, then go down to container in property browser and select Can Contain and change from Nothing to Anything...
external image 20100419-p48pnmi61rc67h47kjfymt211u.jpg
6. Select pen tool and write inside the shape container...