Resource Packs

What are resource packs?

Resource packs add more images, videos and tools to add to your resource browser.

How to Install Resource Packs

1. Log into Promethean Planet (
2. Click on the Resources link
external image 20100308-rc1gx6r3hdqhey48arccudx74g.jpg
3. Add keywords for specific topics, select s subject area, and make sure resource pack is selected.
external image 20100308-xgnpjed6nxf56p23k6m3stgdci.jpg
4. Press search
5. Click on the resource you would like.
external image 20100308-te8b3g9b62edf3uht6b363pw7c.jpg
6. Resource Pack information will appear.
external image 20100309-ray87c3thx3bgeab7wgjm5h6rr.jpg
7. Make sure you look at the bottom (!) and see where the pack will be installed in ActivInspire, very important!
8. Now click "Download resource Pack link" to download the pack.
external image 20100309-qw9cbti5yme9fgku711qw6bg96.jpg
9. Check open with Activresource Manager and the press OK to start Download!
external image 20100309-c6ggh6cw9fa6ua2ty6f3m5fyxf.jpg
10. Look again to see where it is being installed, press Import to save!
11. Restart or Open ActivInspire
12. Open browser if it is not open already (View--> Browser or Command B)
13. Lets check and make sure the new resources are there!
external image 20100309-n5c1g23wn43ihgsxy8dbd4sgud.jpg
14. Select resource browser, follow path we checked above and it should be there!

Guided Notes:

How to Install Resource Packs