Problem: Administrators & Instructional Coaches say...
Teachers are not using the interactive white interactively with students, they are using them like they would a traditional chalk board.
  • Drawing a picture
  • Writing on the board
  • Graphic organizers
    • Did not have the info available

Provide class notes and information on Wiki or schoolnet to engage students
Have them focus on the teaching and instruction not note taking

Solution: Brainstorm on how to engage students...
Show examples of student engagement that shows interactivity using the Interactive White Board!

Teacher Concerns:
Teachers would like administrators & school based instructional coaches to learn the use of the interactive white boards so they can effectively evaluate teachers

Technology Use in the classroom, things to remember...
  • Curriculum drive instruction not technology, technology is simply a tool that enhances instruction.
  • Technology doesn't have to be forefront all the time.

How are the Interactive White Boards being used interactively with students?:
Def: Interactive?

Chalk Board Use Enhanced-
  • Show Objectives, Standards and Do Now
  • Save for later use (Next Year)
  • Demonstrate Multimedia within chalkboard use
    • Show picture
    • Video
    • Graphs
  • Students use handwriting recognition to organize text and make it more readable
  • They can move objects and media around

Interactive Use- (1 student at a time, how else can we state this?)
  • Brainstorming-
  • Containers-
  • Games-
  • Graphic Organizers-
    • T-Chart
    • Venn Diagram
  • Interactive Flip Charts / Lessons (Promethean Planet)
  • Interactive Websites (see web 2.0 tools)
  • Labeling
  • Magic Box
  • Sorting
  • Student Response Systems (Activexpressions)
  • Transferable
    • Access year to year
  • Guided notes-
    • Online for home student use
      • From student work on board saved onto a wiki or website
Use of web 2.0 tools to enhance learning-
  • Wikispaces
    • Showcase student work
  • Blogging
  • Google Docs
  • Jeopardy Labs
  • Poll everywhere
  • Social Educational Networking like (Saywire)

  • ActivInspire
    • Create interactive Flipcharts
  • Apple Remote Desktop-
    • Show student laptops on the screen
    • Share a student project to all other students
  • Inspiration
  • Presentation software
  • Word Processor Software

  • Pictures- Draw/Manipulate/Examine pictures
    • Historical Events
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Visual representations
  • Videos- Show clips of videos to reinforce learning
  • Discovery Ed.
  • Teacher Tube
  • Video Conferencing
    • Chat with other classes
    • Chat Famous people
    • Virtual Field Trips