How to create an Horizontal Tab Restrictor

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How to create an Horizontal Tab Restrictor

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Pic. 1

2. Pull a long rectangle, big enough you can put text into it.
3. Put a text box inside the triangle and type add text here.
4. Pull a triangle and click to rotate to make it look like an arrow (see Pic. 2)external image 5wqUheD9GtfKyj1OOPK8GVzMsdaZ1S6DZowkgwDukjvdZnnCU7QUhqkzTimrg9SNRMijTO2Cx9Ih6tKnQEWRYpftL0XfqbNoAXg3_ZDz1Dp8jMn4Mb0
Pic. 2

5. Should have a full arrow like (Pic. 2), click and highlight full arrow
6. Click the grouped icon to group arrow together.external image 2RDUYJesoFekep5O4QcKpg0PrByn-CXTK8ZV3HT059Ggzsl_iIo2E3h86YBpPO8kADt1X1rIsil10F09CosIOjZ6QVTngP8ndLIKzBJmpqu0IfcJIOE
Pic. 3

7. Now, put arrow where you would like it, make sure it is highlighted (has circles on the corners)
8. Click on Browser and select Property Browser tab, scroll down to the restrictors area.external image mzzojz1flFgbMSdod9mbghNx5Bh23vj4azReq3YhfbDVVdMkEwGMLevXYtlOCvidU5cM2c7fM0L39EWj5WatGcJh6u_IwgxB23Ddj0i_V7K11ua-bN4
Pic. 4
9. Select "Can Move" drop down and select horizontal, this will restrict the arrow to only move horizontally.
10. Click off of arrow and now move it to the left and you can pull the tabs.

If you want to make more of the same tab, you can take off the horizontal restrictor. Select the arrow and duplicate it as many times as you want. Move the tabs where you want them and then un-group to add the text you for each tab. Then re-group and add the horizontal restrictor.

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How to create an Horizontal Tab Restrictor

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