Agenda: 4.24.12

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– Brandon Lutz (SDP Office of Educational Technology): Are you and your students tired of doing the same old activities on your Promethean board? Learn new ways to use ActivInspire to engage your students, use advanced features, liven up and enhance the way you use your interactive white board! Room 229

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Brandon Lutz -

Download Presentation Flipchart

Introductions & Plan for the session: 5 Minutes

Review of Important Concepts: 5 Minutes

Update, Update, Update
Activtutorials -
Promethean Planet -

Quick Tricks

The Pen
Using colors and fonts to enhance your flipcharts
PDF to Inspire -

Insert Media Easily (Movies & Pictures)
  • Insert ---> Media ---> Select file
How to make an object hidden
Embed links & HTML into your Flipchart Video
  • Insert ---> Link ---> Link or HTML Editor
Equations Editor Video
  • Insert ---> Equation

What would you like to learn?

Horizontal Tab Restrictors
Magic Box

Object Labels
Sticky Note Container


Teacher can ask questions of the instructor and the group

Group Sharing (If there is time)

Share something your proud of when you use your Promethean board

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Other Resources

Ideas for Training
1. Making cooler flipcharts
2. Making more interactive flipcharts
3. Dual pen use
4. Using the eraser
5. Help with using the pen