ActivExpressions are student response systems that can be used with ActivInspire. You can assess your students in real time.

Questions Types:
Multiple Choice
Sort in Order
Yes/No Or True or False
Likert Scale
Text Entry
Number Entry

Initial Setup

When you get your Expressions you have to connect your expressions devices to the ActivHub.

Setup Student Database:

Import Students into Inspire to use with expressions

Example Databases: Click to download database and then, open ActivInspire, click on View---> click to open Browsers. In browsers, click on the Voting Browser icon, click on assign student devices button, edit data base button and then import. Select the file and then press open and the data should appear. external image ActivInspire%20-%20Studio.jpg


Introduction to the Expressions:

Creating Questions:

Guided notes:

How to create single questions on ActivInspire Ver. 1.5.3 (Newest Version)


How to create single questions on activInspire...

Creating Self-Paced Questions:

Voting Templates:

Always check Promethean Planet for new voting templates...

Setting Up Study Island with ActivExpressions:

How to video:

Setting up Questions for Expressions using Exam View